One of Zimbabwe's leading ice supplier and manufacturers


One of Zimbabwe's leading Ice Manufacturers and Suppliers

At Cool Ice we know and understand just how critical ice is to your needs.

We have a 25 ton per day manufacturing facility in Harare. We manufacture and deliver countrywide on a Just in Time basis, ensuring a premium quality product each and every time.

We are largest Ice supplier in Zimbabwe to all major Supermarket chains, hotels, service stations, convenience shops, lodges, bars, restaurants, sausage manufacturers and hospitals.

We also supply and deliver Ice for Weddings, Parties, Corporate and other Special events.

About Us

Our manufacturing process incorporates superior components to ensure a high-quality product.

We use only the world leaders in ice equipment and machinery to produce perfect ice. Cool Ice operations are dedicated to a product that exceeds all clients’ expectation.

Quality Guaranteed

The quality of our Tube Ice is superior to the water it is made from.

Impurities present in the water are moved to the center of the ice tube and discharged during defrost ensuring that the cleanest, crystal ice tubes are formed. Cool Ice is ‘good to go’ for all occasions.

Excellent Service

Our friendly and helpful staff ensure that your experience with us is easy and stress-free. Amazing and reliable customer service is the backbone to our success.

Fast Delivery

Your orders deserve a quick delivery. Our exceptional distribution options enable us to deliver anywhere in Zimbabwe. Ask us about delivery to your location.

Quality Product

We’ve thought a lot about how to purify the water, how to make the cubes long lasting, and what the perfect shape should be. Rest assured, we're the best in the market.

Our Products

Our ice is manufactured to satisfy every possible need, guaranteeing our customers the highetst quality, through continuous product analysis and improvement.

2.5Kg Ice Pack
5.0Kg Ice Pack
8.0Kg Ice Pack

Our Clients

We pride ourselves on the relationships we have with some of the biggest orgainsations in Zimbabwe. Some of the key organisations we work with are below.

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